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• Krystalvision announces launch of TableTop 5033 X Ray Model

X Ray Scanner

Krystalvision announces the launch of the newest member in the successful Security X Ray machine product line, the new TableTop 5033 The new TableTop 5033 delivers superior performance by incorporating innovative technology advancements and is small enough to carry from one location to another either by carting or by installing in back of a trailer for screening at events or exhibitions. The Table Top 5033 X Ray machine can provide hundreds of hours of continuous operation and can scan thousands of passenger bags in a day. The machine can be set up in minutes and provides robust and efficient performance. By leveraging Krystalvision’s long-standing expertise in high-performance X ray systems, the new TableTop 5033 is designed to dramatically enhance screening capabilities in space constrained or remote locations that need to be secured quickly. System configurations can be optimized for a number of different situations and environments. Please contact Krystalvision to understand how we can help.

• Krystalvision installs multiple 6550 baggage scanners in State Prisons and Police

 Krystalvision installs multiple 6550 baggage scanners in State Prisons and Police


In Nov 2014, Krystalvision, though it’s local partner won a contract with State Prisons and Police Department to supply multiple baggage scanners in 3 state prisons. The contract award was part of ongoing effort by the prison department to modernize and optimize security checks at prison entry and exit points. In January and February of 2015, Krystalvision has successfully installed multiple baggage scanners at entry and exit locations thus adding one more layer to Prison Department’s tiered security approach.

• Krystalvision displays at CII Secure North Exhibition


At the recently concluded CII Secure North Chandigarh fair, Krystalvision Image System Pvt. Ltd, a Pune based Indian company supplying advanced X Ray systems for security industry displayed their latest baggage scanning machines and received tremendous response from government security agencies and private/corporate entities. Krystalvision is the original equipment Manufacturer, Supplier of X Ray baggage scanners focusing on small and large luggage screening, portable X Ray scanners for bomb detection, table top X ray machines for detecting threats in mail and courier packages and mobile X Ray units that can be mounted on SUVs or trailers. These scanners are used at government institutions, airports, police, paramilitary, railway stations, hotels, political rallies, sporting events etc. Manufactured indigenously at Pune, these scanners are comparable with best in the world and meet all the requisite safety and radiation standards/certifications developed. “We are honored to receive such a huge response at the CII exhibition. We are pleased to provide our customers the ability to source state of art scanners within India itself and look forward to serving them.” said Vijay Deshmukh, Managing Director of Krystalvision.

• Krystalvision announces win at Indian Ministry of Defense

 Krystalvision announces win at Indian Ministry of Defense


Krystalvision today announces that it has won an order from Indian Armed Forces that focus on the Western Sector. Under the agreement, Krystalvision will provide portable x ray solution to help ensure key defense installations remain continuously operational and secure. The portable x ray scanner will be manufactured in Krystalvision's Pune facility.

• Krystalvision installs 5030 Baggage Scanners in one of the largest temples in India

 Krystalvision installs 5030 Baggage Scanners in one of the largest temples in India


After multiple explosions in Bodh Gaya temple complex, the need to protect religious sites from terrorist attacks is very clear. Putting in place elaborate infrastructure of men and measures to prevent such threats from ever become true is of paramount importance. To assist in that regard, Krystalvision announces that it has successfully installed multiple x ray baggage scanning machines at various checkpoints at a world famous temple in Maharashtra. The x ray baggage scanners support fast and secure scanning of thousands of devotees that visit the temple on a daily basis and also support the vision of network centric screening.

• Krystalvision successfully installs 100100 x ray machines for Indian Ministry of External Affairs

 Krystalvision successfully installs 100100 x ray machines for Indian Ministry of External Affairs


Krystalvision’s 100100SV advanced X-ray scanners have been purchased by Indian Ministry of External Affairs to strengthen security at its facilities and help ensure key offices remain continuously operational and secure.

• Krystalvision continues successful implementation of baggage scanning solution for Indian Railways

 Krystalvision continues successful implementation of baggage scanning solution for Indian Railways


Incidents of sabotage on the Indian Railways have increased in frequency and intensity in the last five years. The rail network spread over 64,015 route kilometers with 7030 stations traverses both dense urban areas and sparsely populated rural areas and forest which are difficult to secure. As part of the extensive up gradation of security apparatus at railway stations, Krystalvision continues successful installation of its 100100 baggage scanners and portable scanners in North India Railway stations.

• Krystalvision successfully installs custom NDT Cable x ray machine for the largest cable manufacturer


Krystalvision announces it has successfully installed industrial/NDT X Ray scanners at world’s leading Manufacturer, Supplier of high tension cables/conductors for determination of manufacturing anomalies such as weld defects, cuts, lumps and to ensure rust preventive grease is applied uniformly. Before the installation of the NDT machines, a lot of time and money was spent in the rectification process since high tension cables/conductors are installed at a high of 35 feet and lead to considerable downtown. The NDT X Ray scanner scans high tension overhead cables/conductors of 32 KV to 132 KV transmission lines. The cables/conductors range up to 32 mm diameter and are checked for any welding or structural defects in the steel core. The X Ray scanner detects these anomalies during the manufacturing process itself thus eliminating defective product from going to field installations. Due to the considerable savings in time and money, the Return on Investment (ROI) for the cable manufacturer is expected to be 5 to 6 months.

• Krystalvision continues serving hotels, malls and corporate customers


Secure environment is required for people to thrive in every walk of life and the retail, corporate and hospitality sectors are no different. Protection of visitors is of utmost priority. After the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, the government has requested that security be stepped up at “soft targets” like hotels and shopping malls to address evolving terrorist threats. Krystalvision continues to serve these important markets and has received multiple orders from customers for its baggage scanners - hotels, embassies, corporate bank headquarters etc. Please contact Krystalvision for your needs.